Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Create your rich mobile applications in record time - ELIPS Studio

ELIPS Studio is a cross-platform mobile application SDK based on Adobe's Flex Builder. It leads the next generation of mobile application development environments and tools. Now software developers and creative designers can quickly develop for mobile some rich, connected or non-connected applications... and deploy them on any mobile platforms they want.

ELIPS Studio is equally valuable for experienced mobile application developers who want extra productivity, and for Adobe Flash / Flex and web developers who want to reuse their RIA / RDA assets and create rich mobile applications.

Generate native apps out of a single ELIPS Studio code base for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more...

How it Works:

ELIPS Studio allows to code your app in ActionScript which cross compiles it to c++ and publishes to as Native apps.

Check out a few Screencasts here

The latest update is that Alcatel-Lucent has acquired OpenPlug.

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