Monday, July 02, 2007

programmers V/S non-programmers.

A non-programmer thinks there are 1000 bytes in a kilobyte.
A programmer is convinced that there are 1024 meters in a kilometer.

Ramu : I've just become a member of Rotract Club.
Somu : public member or private?

Ramu : Hey.. My submarine is not sinking into the water!! What could be
Somu : may be u have used float instead of double in the software.

PS : Hey Bull, Can you do me a favor? Can you pass on these 500 rupees to

Bull : Sure.. Why not? But tell me one thing. Tell me whether its pass by value or pass by reference.

Ramu : I am very very sure that the guy who just talked to me is a software engineer...
Somu : how do you say that?
Ramu : he asked my physical address instead of my home address!

Ramu : why people are beating that SW engineer black and blue?
Somu : it seems, he asked one of them that whether "vande mataram" is new kind of RAM in the market!

Ramu : Hey.. I think that SW engineer is very very naive..
Somu : How do you say that?
Ramu : He believes that there is an Arabian Sea++ next to Arabin Sea.

Ramu : Hey.... whats time now?
Somu : System time or local time.

And dont miss the last one, it's THE BEST !

4 Easy Steps from dummies to Transfer Files in Windows!

Right click the mouse on the file to transfer and select cut option.
Disconnect the mouse from that PC, take that mouse carefully and connect it
to the other PC where you want to copy that file and try to paste it

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