Saturday, March 03, 2007

Music Guru A R Rahman's Studio - photos

Perched above the urban chaos of India's entertainment capital, thestudio of this noted film music composer is a tranquil oasis. The two main rooms in the straightforward plan dovetail together in a complexsection.
Each is equipped with a console that sits atop raised platformsconcealing cable troughs. A stepped window in the Control Room frontwall offers clear sight lines to a screen in the adjacent MixStage/Tracking Room. Designed with its own projection system and motorized blackout window shades, the Control Room can functionindependently of the stage.

Mobile racks facilitate sharing ofequipment. Visible from the Control Room, iso booths lining one side ofthe stage have windows with views looking out over the city.Just as the client's music is a transcendent fusion of past and present,skillful design blends traditional materials with modern technology.Subdued lighting accents the intricate patterns, sumptuous textures, andrich colors of fabric and wood finishes. The scalloped profile of customceiling panels used to diffuse sound recall the draped ceilings of nomadic tents.


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