Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mallu's Sense of Humour - Color Test

A "Mallu" female (from the heart of Kerala) went for a job interview for the post of a SECRETARY.

When the manager saw the Mallu's colourful attire and gold and well oiled uncombed jet black hair, his mind was screaming "NOT THIS WOMAN."

Nevertheless, he still had to entertain the Mallu.

So he told her "If you could form a sentence using the words that I give you, then may be I will give you a chance. The words are GREEN, PINK, YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE, PURPLE and BLACK."

The enthusiastic Mallu lady thought for a while and said :

I hear the phone GREEN GREEN GREEN, then I go and PINK up the phone, I say YELLOW......BLUE's that? WHITE did you say? Aiye, Wrong number ........Don't PURPLELY disturb people and don't call BLACK, ok? Thank you."

The Manager fainted.......

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