Thursday, February 22, 2007


Building website traffic is a key challenge for websites. In our "Effective Websites" seminars, attendees invariably ask how toincrease the number of visitors to their website.

Boxcar of visitors?
The only time you may want huge numbers of random site visitors is if you're in the business of selling ad banners. Even then,banner ads are harder to sell with fewer "click-throughs" (percentage of people who actually click on an ad) than everbefore.

Otherwise, if your site is designed for garnering prospects and sales leads, you are better off working toward fewer, but MORE QUALIFIED visitors to your site. Why spend time and money getting the world to come to your doorstep, if they're not goodcandidates to buy from you?

Targeted Traffic Better!
So, it's not just any old traffic, but RELEVANT traffic that makes all the difference in online marketing success.How to get those targeted visitors to your site?

Here is a suggestion to get started:
With your next direct mail or media ad (or even on the back of your business card), include the specific website address (onYOUR website!) of an article you know your prospects will find useful. Add the brief, useful article to a page on your websitebefore publishing the address. Or ask your web developer to add the article for you.

ExampleA dry cleaner may run these two lines in their spring ads:

"Check out how to best store those wool winter coats at our website

The article should be useful, of course, and can include a discount for wool coat cleaning at Bishop Cleaners. Chances aregood that visitors will surf around your site, discovering all the wonderful things you do!

A side benefit of this example is the ability to test specific ad outlets for their effectiveness and response rate.

Mind's Eye News Tip in Plain English:

It's not just any old traffic, but rather RELEVANT, TARGETED traffic that is worth cultivating in the long run.
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